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There are a range of courses to suit you. All providing qualifications, which can be added to your CV.

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Unsure of what course to do? We have split our courses into three segments allowing you to try before you buy.

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Taking a MyNeedToLive course proves to employers you have the basic understanding and core skills of a role.

What makes this different?

There are many course websites out there, it can be tricky to know which one to choose. What if you don’t really know what course you want to do? That’s where MyNeedToLive Courses come in! We’re a platform to help you find the right course or career path for you – for free. We’re a non-profit company, so any money that comes into the business goes towards improving young adult’s lives.

There are courses to help develop your skills in a variety of areas. The courses are split into 3 segments to help you understand not just the course, but the industry behind it. The segments are:

  1. Badge Courses
  2. Foundation Courses
  3. Certification Courses

Minimum Time: 2 Hours

Price: Free

These courses help you work out:

“Do I want to do this?”

Earn government approved badges in the badge scheme. We’ve teamed up with Cities of Learning, the Real Ideas Organisation and Plymouth City Council to award you with validated credentials.

Minimum Time: 4 Hours

Price: Free

These courses help you work out :

What is involved?

How difficult is this?

Industry Overview

Foundation courses are to help you understand the industry behind the course you are interested in. They cover salary expectations, demographics, core knowledge base and more. They are short courses to gain certainty that that topic is something you are really interested in.

Minimum Time: 15 Hours

Price: Paid

These courses help you:

Gain key skills for that industry – approved by employers

Provide you with a badge credential for your CV

Take the next step in your career journey

These courses are approved by employers. They give you the key skills to help you towards your career path.

Unlike most education providers, we don’t want any hidden costs, so at the end of the course you won’t be charged extra for a digital certificate.