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Course Overview

During the course, you will learn about HTML and the base structure and tags to create a functional web page using basic coding.

You will learn about coding structure and formatting techniques to change the content style and highlight selected text on your web page.

You will create a practical business webpage, with key data for their customers. Understand how we would structure this in code and highlight key data.

You will learn about styles and colors within HTML, using CSS coding to create rules for your web page. Adding colours and spacing to your web page.

You will learn how to add images and attribute to HTML tags, creating more visual effects to your web page.

You will learn about the structure and creating tables within HTML, including the importance of using comments to identify set lines of code and functions.

You will learn how to edit your practical business webpage and understand how to present the web page for higher user engagement.

You will learn about adding links to a webpage, the fundamentals of building a website and create your website based on what you have learned from the course.

Learning Structure

Part 1 – Badge

This course will help you to work out ‘Why do I want to do this?’. You will learn about the basics like expected salary, skill requirements and what to expect in employment.

Part 2 – Foundation

This course will help you to work out ‘What’s involved with this?’. You will learn the basics in more detail, and further information about the industry to really understand if this is the right path for you. There will also be some practical tasks.

Part 3 – Certification

This course will help you to gain 3 core skills in that area, whilst earning a valuable qualification. By completing all 3 parts, you will have assets for your portfolio, a good understanding of the role, and proof you are a proactive individual.

Course Information

Difficulty: Beginner


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