Resume & Interview – Certification

Resume & Interview – Certification

Course Overview

The Resume and Interview course will teach you techniques in understanding your career path. Helping you to understand the industry and how to build a resume to apply for jobs in that sector. Providing useful advice to optimise your resume and approach an interview in a professional manner. Helping you build confidence and gather feedback for future development.

What will I learn?

During the course you will have a stronger understanding of your career path, taking in account your interests and passion to put you in the right direction.

  • Build a Resume that will help you find a job in the industry you have chosen, understanding different techniques to make you resume stand out.
  • Understand the importance of research and structure of your resume.
  • Understand techniques to build confidence and how to apply feedback in a constructive way.
  • Present yourself professional for an interview, showcasing your skills and optimising your presence in an interview.

Course Information

Difficulty: Difficult

Course Instructor

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